Plumeria ‘Celadine’ Floral Neon LED Wall Art Decoration


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Invite the ‘Celadine’ Plumeria Neon Wall Art into your home and let its gentle glow remind you of the eternal allure of a tropical haven, night after night.

  • Material: Energy-efficient, flexible neon LED strip light artistically arranged on a durable plexiglass backdrop.
  • Lighting: Comes equipped with a dimmer, providing adjustable ambiance to suit your mood.
  • Power: Operates on a safe 12V system. While the 12V configuration is considered low-risk, please note that the product is a custom-made art object and not certified.
    A separate 12V 5A DC power supply is required for operation (see suggestions below).
  • Installation: Designed for indoor use only, this piece is not waterproof.

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Embrace the Spirit of Aloha with the ‘Celadine’ Plumeria Neon Wall Art

Plumeria (Frangipani) cultivar CeladineBring home the essence of tropical tranquility and the spirit of relaxation with our ‘Celadine’ Plumeria Neon Wall Art. Designed to evoke the serene and healing ambiance of a Hawaiian paradise, this handcrafted piece captures the soul-soothing beauty of the iconic Frangipani. Let the warm glow of this radiant Plumeria flower illuminate your space, creating a personal sanctuary where stress fades and well-being blossoms.

Each stylized Plumeria, reminiscent of the cherished ‘Celadine’ cultivar, is a vibrant homage to the flower’s natural elegance and a celebration of its associations with luxury spas and idyllic vacations. This piece is not just a light; it’s a beacon of peace, an art object that invites a moment of reflection and a breath of aloha into your daily life.

Whether you’re a devoted Plumeria grower or a lover of all things that bring the essence of a tropical getaway into your home, the ‘Celadine’ Plumeria Neon Wall Art is the perfect addition to remind you of nature’s simple pleasures. Let this glowing tribute to one of Hawaii’s most beloved symbols be a constant source of joy and an elegant focal point in your decor.

DC Power supply 12V, 5AGet a power supply: US plug, EU plug, UK plug

Additional information

Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 0.6 in

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